KARMA has cultivated relationships with many healthcare professionals which our clients can leverage to expand or complement their own networks

KARMA nurtures linkages with numerous organizations, including; national specialty societies, professional associations and accrediting bodies which our clients can leverage to obtain timely insight into trends and changes in policy that may affect their initiatives

KARMA has a proven track record of applying our core competencies in most therapeutic categories, minimizing client time and resources,"bringing us up to speed"

KARMA is also a learning organization, principal membership in the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (ACME) since 1992

KARMA possesses collaborative relationships with independent and reliable supplier-partners, specializing in services that complement our core areas of competency

Out-sourcing these complementary services on an "as required" basis provides additional value to our clients



Flexibility to integrate with
internal, external and hybrid
supplier teams

Quality enhancements derived from access to the innovations of leading suppliers

Lower costs arising from
"just-in-time" overhead



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